Coaching Covenant

You define your hopes, and together we discern God’s path.

The goal of coaching is to help church leaders hold themselves accountable to mission alignment, high integrity, upgraded competencies, and teamwork. I help individual leaders maintain and deepen leadership credibility, and both individual leaders and teams focus priorities, develop strategic plans, measure results, and manage stress.

The goal of mentoring is to help people explore their experience of Christ, develop accountable spiritual habits, overcome obstacles to spiritual growth, and discern their personal mission. I help leaders stimulate and focus their spiritual lives, rediscover the joy of their original calling, and realign their energies for faithful self-fulfillment.

You define your hopes, and together we discern God's path.

Our covenant will be renewed in 6-month blocks of time, allowing each party to renegotiate as circumstances change. It takes several sessions to build mutual understanding and trust.

Coaching and mentoring is a combination of long-distance internet conversation and email communication. I use conferencing software that allows quality face-to- face conversation plus instant sharing of all documents. You do not need to purchase or download any software. Depending on your learning and growth goals, I may
recommend books of my own or others. (See my website for a list of my professional and academic publications).

We also have options (as opportunities arise and needs are identified) to add personal meetings, on-site seminars, and webinars. These options are additional to the basic covenant and will be negotiated as needed.

Our commitment is to participate in a monthly internet conversation, at a day and time convenient for both of us. Hopefully we can make this a regular date, but at the end of every conversation will set a date for the next conversation at a time mutually convenient. Conversations may be with an individual church leader, or with a leadership team. If we need additional conversations, just email to arrange a time. Please send me an update prior to our conversation so that we can focus agenda and I can prepare any resources in advance.

My commitments:

  • Focus on your unique personality, calling, and context;
  • Help you focus personal learning and performance goals and hold you accountable for completion;
  • Explore issues of alignment, integrity, competency, and teamwork in the course of our coaching relationship;
  • Maintain a log of our conversations, highlighting breakthroughs and challenges;
  • Help you in reflection, planning, and problem solving.

Your commitments:

  • Focus personal growth and learning goals;
  • Complete any “homework” in between sessions and forward via email;
  • Maintain a log of our journal of growth and learning between sessions;
  • Read the two books described below;
  • Honor the fee, invoiced every six months.

For more information and to view our pricing strategy, please refer to our price list