Conference Speaking and Teaching

I am available for speaking or teaching at regional conferences and academic forums on a wide range of topics,centering relevance and community impact.*

Strategic Thinking and
Mission Impact

Church Renewal and
Church Planting

Building Trust
Clarifying Purpose

Radical Hospitality
Worship Design

Demographic Research
Lifestyle Interpretation

Learning Methodologies
Affinity Groups

Ministry Assessment
Defining Outcomes

Outreach Sustainability
Fresh Expressions

Volunteer Empowerment
Team Accountability

Renovation and Upgrade
Financial Management

Costs of Discipleship
Stress Management

Regional Planning
Denominational Priorities

Spiritual Leadership and
Clergy Training

Faith-Based, Non-Profit

Leadership Functions
Leadership Identities

Lifestyle Sensitivity
Incarnational Purpose and Lifestyle Relevance

Cultural Diversity
Lifestyle Expectation of Ministries

Community Empathy
Listening Strategies

Christendom Religion
Postmodern Spirituality

Strategic Thinking

Relevant Training
Relevant Deployment

Volunteer Training
Volunteer Accountability