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Spirituality and lifestyle go together. Spiritually fills living with meaning and purpose; and living is a quest for meaning and purpose.

Yet there is no single form of authentic spirituality, and no religion can encompass the full mystery of God. And there is no single lifestyle that is better or less suited to the discovery of meaning and purpose, nor any culture that is more or less transparent to the divine. Spirituality is the intersection of the infinite and the finite (God's mystery and human yearning), which, in Christian tradition, is what we mean by "incarnation".


Talisman: Global Positioning for the Soul

This book is framed as a dialogue between mentor and mentee, reminiscent of ancient methods of nurturing spiritual growth and ascent to the divine. Each "mentoring moment" explores the ancient awe, and guides readers to learn how to discern their position in life with infinite perspective. Explore the multiple meanings of incarnation as the power and depth of being; and learn what it means to live a spiritual life. The book also provides coaching for the development of personal spiritual practices that can be shared with like-hearted people for mutual accountability.

There are two editions of this book. The first edition (2006 by Chalice Press) was more theoretical and traditionally Christian. The second edition (2017 by Wipf and Stock) is more practical and broadly spiritual. The first section of the book is an assessment of the spiritual quest for God in the postmodern world. The goal of spirituality is not to answer questions of existence, but to sustain the courage to be and provide reason to hope. The second section of the book introduces a methodology to reflect on one's position vis-à-vis the "eternal" in any particular "now", as spiritual travelers understand their quest as "Life-on-the-Edge", and "life-In-Between", and "Life-at-Peace". Meditation on the principles of Talisman helps the spiritual traveler see where they have been and discern where they are going.

For the bankrupt soul, the soul numbed, the soul withered in the drought of engineered existence, Tom Bandy's Talisman offers a wqay back. If you are ready to move beyond task and technique to the tending of your inner being, don't miss this book. The gasp of the heart - hearing what it already knows to be true - awaits. Sally Morgenthaller - Life Coach and Author


Christian Mentoring: Helping Each Other Find Meaning and Purpose

This is a practical book conceived as a companion to Talisman. It guides the mutual mentoring of spiritual travelers through seven stages: Connect with one's experience of incarnation; develop spiritual habits for daily living; explore one's authenticity as a human being; confront manipulation and temptation; merge with accountable spiritual partnerships; discern personal mission in life; live life in the Spirit.

This book has been through several editions. The most recent version is available as a free download from the home page of this website. All you need to do is provide your email address, and agree to honor my copyright for the book whenever it is used in whole or in part in your own mentoring relationships by appropriate references or footnotes.

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Introducing the Uncommon Lectionary