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MissionInsite Training Packages

Client Coaching
Coaching relies on internet conferencing technology and email dialogue. The typical pattern of coaching is:

  • 3 sessions of about 60 minutes. These are scheduled at times convenient to the client and myself. They may be in consecutive months or at specific times during the year.
  • Customized for specific issues & opportunities. Coaching focuses on specific goals and issues. Clients are asked to provide an agenda or list of questions for each session.
  • Session may involve the same or different leaders, but only 1-3 participate in each session.

Clients are asked to read my books:

  1. See, Know, and Serve
  2. Strategic Thinking in advance.

Clients do not need to download special software, since I provide the link. Clients must ensure that they have quality technology:

  • Hardwired internet access (not wireless);
  • External speakers;
  • External microphones;
  • Webcam with visibility to include all participants

It is possible to include participants from multiple sites.

Lifestyle Expectations for

  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Sensitive Hospitality
  • Mission-Targeted Worship
  • Christian Education
  • Small Group Affinities
  • Outreach Opportunities
  • Facilities, Technologies, and Symbols
  • Financial Management and Stewardship
  • Communication

Relevant strategies in

Church Renewal
Church Planting
Church Multi-siting
Church Mergers
Pastoral Appointments