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Travel and Hospitality Expectations

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your church and help equip your leaders for relevant missions
and ministries today. I have several health concerns that shape my travel plans. I assume that you will agree to honor
the following limitations:

Air Travel
I generally fly with American or United Airlines, and Delta when I travel to the southeast. This often involves
layover or changing planes in Chicago or Atlanta. I only fly Business for health and mobility reasons whenever it
is available.

Rental Car
I prefer rides to airports, hotels, and teaching venues. I can also rent a car. The cheapest rental car alternative is
usually Enterprise, and I always rent a mid-size or full-size car (rather than a compact car).

I usually stay at Marriott chain hotels, and book reservations myself. I appreciate invitations for billeting, but
respectfully decline. Hotels must have elevators, inside hallways and doors, and a restaurant on site.

Dietary Restrictions
Whenever lunch or supper are provided during events, I must avoid spicy, fried, or high calorie foods (like pizza,
fried chicken, etc.). Please provide just a simple sandwich and fruit. A basic 6” Sub Sandwich is welcome!

Event Preparation
I assume my hosts will provide necessary LCD projectors, large and bright screens, and microphones. I bring my
own computer. I use a cane, so fewer stairs and cables stretched across the floor are helpful. In addition, please
provide a tall bar stool and matching table so that I can sit, dialogue, and still be visible. Water is welcome.

It is necessary to have a hard wired connection to the internet for my presentations. Wireless connections are too
limited in bandwidth to sustain the robust search engine of MissionInsite (especially when other event
participants are on line as well). I need to have my computer with me at the front of the room, connected for
projection and internet, since I navigate spontaneously during presentations between PowerPoint and Internet.

I customize handouts and images for each event, and rarely use audio feeds for music. Handouts all have my
contact information, and can be duplicated for the use of participants and their churches only. Some PowerPoint
slides can be given to my client for future use, but many slides have images or information under copywrite.

Thank you for honoring my health concerns, and facilitating our work together. Please let me know if you have
further questions about book displays, or the use of handouts, videotaping, translations, partnering with other
speakers, and so on. I will invoice you soon after the event, with receipts, and checks can be sent to the address
above. I will try to be as flexible as possible to achieve your learning goals.